Moore Family Cousins
Descendants of James (William) Moore

Generation No. 1

James (William)2 Moore(Samuel1) was born Bet. 1750 - 1760 in NC or VA, and died Bet. August 16 - 31, 1826 in Preble Co, OH.He married (1)UNKNOWN Unknown Bet. 1775 - 1780 in probably North Carolina.He married (2) Unknown (Thompson) Bet. 1788 - 1795 in Hawkins (Grainger), TN.He married (3) Mary Thompson May 19, 1814 in Butler, OH. She was born Bet. 1760 - 1770, and died Bef. 1840 in Henry, IN.
Notes for James (William) Moore:

Land deed from James Moore to Peter Cotner dated 28 Oct 1804, Grainger County, TN.

There is a 7 year span between the births of William and Thompson implying a second marriage occurred in Hawkins/Grainger, TN.This is the foundation for the belief James Moore was married three or four times.His third marriage may have been to Charity Mills on 6 Sep 1804 in Grainger County.

History of Preble County, H.Z. Williams and Bros., pub. 1881
Page 300,paragraph 5, "James More, who may be regarded as the founder of Camden, settled upon it's site (section nine) about 1804 or 1805, and brought up a large family, none of whom, however, are now in the township. James More died in Camden in 1833" (sic) (James died in 1826; his son, James Jr. died in 1832)

Page 300, col. 2, par.6, "John Ledwell, also a resident of the immediate vicinity of Camden, and a son-in-law of More"

Page 307, col. 1, par.3, "Camden was laid out in the year 1818, the town plat being acknowledged before Squire Isaac Stephens on July 4th, of that year, under the name of Dover. William Moore, one of the early pioneers of Somers township, may be regarded as the founder of the town. He laid out the greatest part of the plat, the lots west of Main street, while Isaac Sutton laid out those on the east side, and James Black the northern portion."

Page 311, col.2, "Taverns. Ezekiel Barnett (brother of David), kept a tavern where Morris' shoe store now is, in the same house that Place Ira K.) had originally opened for the entertainment of the wayfarer and stranger. In 1829 there were two other taverns beside this one. At the south end of town there was one kept by James More, and at the north end a house of which Reuben Bennet was the proprietor.

From the book, Main Street Blues, by Richard O. Davies, James' full name was James William Moore and he owned/operated a general store/tavern in Camden (known at the time as Dover). Applications for a license for the tavern were continuously submitted until 1833. It is possible James Moore Jr. continued to run the general store/tavern after his father's death.

Graves Registration Card for James Moore buried in Orchard Hill Cemetery (Old Camden Cemetery) notes he was a Lieutenant in the Continental Army - North Carolina Militia

More About James (William) Moore:
Burial: Old Camden Cemetery (Orchard Hill Cemetery), Camden, Preble, OH

Notes for Mary Thompson:
Preble County Courthouse Deeds, Vol 14, pages 291-294, Relinquished her dower rights in James Moore Sr's estate to Joseph Woodward in Jul 1831 while living in Henry County, IN
It is unclear if this Mary Thompson is the widow of James Thompson. In the Will of James Thompson dated 10 Aug 1805 Mary is identified as the wife, with children Alexander, Elizabeth (Thompson) West, Rachel (Waddle) and granddaughter Rachel West are named. The Will is witnessed by James Moore and John Moore. It is also unclear if this John Moore is one of James' son's or if it might be James' brother.

Children of James Moore and UNKNOWN Unknown are:

i. Martha "Patty"3 Moore, born Abt. 1779 in NC; died Bef. 1850 in Possibly Butler, OH. She married John Ledwell June 09, 1810 in Butler, OH; born Abt. 1777 in MD; died Bef. 1860 in Butler, OH.
ii. Mary Moore, born Abt. 1780 in NC; died Bef. 1829 in Preble, OH. She married Thomas Sayres December 26, 1810 in Preble, OH; born Bef. 1775 in possibly NC.
iii. Samuel Moore, born Bet. 1780 - 1781 in NC; died October 11, 1859 in Grant or Henry, IN. He married Alice Mendenhall May 25, 1802 in Grainger, TN; born January 06, 1786 in Guilford, NC; died Bet. 1850 - 1852 in Wayne, IN.
iv. John Moore, born Abt. 1782 in NC; died Aft. 1862 in Henry, IN. He married Elizabeth Galyean November 23, 1803 in Grainger, TN; born Abt. 1784 in Surry, NC; died Aft. 1862 in Henry, IN.
v. James Moore, born Abt. 1787 in Hawkins, (now Grainger), TN; died Bef. June 25, 1832 in Preble, OH. He married Sarah Stackhouse July 21, 1812 in Butler, OH; born Bet. 1790 - 1800; died Bef. 1840 in Preble, OH
vi. William Moore, born Abt. 1788 in Hawkins (now Grainger), TN; died Bet. 1853 - 1860 in IN or MO. He married (1) Catherine Cotner November 21, 1810 in Grainger, TN; born Abt. 1790 in Grainger, TN; died Bef. 1845 in Henry, IN. He married (2) Rachel Brown September 13, 1845 in Henry, IN; born Abt. 1798 in NC.

Children of James Moore and Unknown (Thompson) are:

i. Thompson3 Moore, born August 27, 1795 in Hawkins (now Grainger), TN; died October 27, 1864 in Blue River, Henry, IN. He married Alice Seybold October 10, 1813 in Preble, OH; born October 31, 1791 in Wrightsboro, GA; died January 05, 1864 in Blue River Twp, Henry, IN.
ii. Jesse Moore, born Abt. 1796 in Grainger, TN; died Bet. 1843 - 1848 in Macon, MO. He married Martha "Patty" Hammer October 20, 1820 in Preble, OH; born Abt. 1806 in NC; died Bef. 1880 in Taber, St. Clair, MO.
iii. Anderson Moore, born Bet. 1797 - 1800 in Grainger, TN; died Bef. 1860 in Prob Miami, OH. He married Sena "Seney" Waller October 19, 1823 in Butler, OH; born Abt. 1798 in PA or OH; died Bef. 1870 in Prob Miami, OH.
iv. Wiley Moore, born Abt. 1802 in Grainger, TN; died Bef. 1870 in Miami, IN or Mercer, MO. He married Hester "Hetty" Emerson July 03, 1824 in Preble, OH; born Abt. 1808 in OH; died Bef. 1880 in Probably Benton, Holt, MO.
v. Alfred Moore, born Abt. 1804 in Preble, OH or Grainger, TN. He married Sarah Sawyers September 27, 1822 in Butler, OH; born Bet. 1800 - 1810.